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I have been making pottery for more than 20 years, alongside working as an environmental scientist, researching and teaching ecology and related subjects.  Although still having involvement in ecology and environmental issues, and some other science-arts collaborations, I am now in a position to able to devote more significant time to my pottery practice.


I learned the foundational skills of pottery in the far-off days when adult education classes were still a thing, spending five years attending evening classes, expertly tutored in our case by a local potter, Tony Remington, whose skill, patience, and experience of production pottery provided a great learning environment.


Having then been able to equip my own (very) small workshop space, I was able to start experimenting more with materials, techniques, glazes, etc, and have been more or less self-taught ever since.

Over that time I have, partly of necessity (space, time), sought to simplify my making processes, range of materials, and workflow, and explore the creativity possible within those limits.  These boundaries are shaped both by simple choices about what I do or don't like doing, and by consideration of sustainability and environmental impacts.


Predominantly I make functional ware - things to be used, whether for food, or other purposes. This adds the constraint that the pot must work. For me the pots that 'sing' are those which are aesthetically pleasing, feel good to handle, and perform their function well.  Sometimes one gets closer to this ideal than others; pottery is a process of continual learning.


More information about what I do, and how and why I do it that way, can be found in the sections below.


An overview of the pots I make and the thinking behind them.


Some background on particular aspects of how the pots are made


The issues of environmental impact and sustainability in making pots.