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About ... the pots

A few reflections and explanations of the sort of pots I make, and the thinking behind them, and some examples, past and present (click on an image to open a gallery of larger images). I am not necessarily making all these at the moment.



I really like making jugs. It may be something to do with the rhythm of the handle/spout combination, or the fact that there are so many variations and sizes possible, all with slightly different uses but the same challenge of making something that can be lifted comfortably and pours well. Some of my favourite pots are the statuesque jugs and flagons made by medieval potters - vessels of huge presence and purposefulness.

Cups, mugs and beakers


Thinks we drink from are very personal - intimate even. We hold them during use, and put them to our lips. Not surprisingly many people have favourite cups or mugs, even for particular drinks, or times of day.  The drinking vessels I make fall into three main sorts: tea/coffee cups with an 'open' bowl form and finger loop handles; handleless beakers - for cold drinks, designed to fit comfortably in the hand, and wine cups - smaller beaker forms with a narrower base, again a natural fit to the hand.



The plates I make are quite simple designs - either with a simple upturned edge, or with a modest rim. The decoration is also simple, a result from the natural pattern of glaze overlaps created when pouring glaze across the upper surface of the plate.

Bowls & dishes


Like jugs, bowls and dishes can take a huge variety of forms, and have an even greater variety of uses. 

Useful things for flowers, candles, soap, eggs ...


Many of these things evolved either from making  something we needed, a request from someone, or just the challenge of seeing whether something can be done in clay (sometimes it can, sometimes it can't, and even when it can, sometimes it shouldn't be!).